Impressive Yields

Bioneat Ag Products Produce Game Changing Results!

Clean Fields

Our products help to increase chemical effectiveness by greatly improving the delivery system.

Our delivery system is so good you can also reduce your chemical inputs substantianly!

Healthy Productive Soil

We improve soil health by building rich organic matter and increasing microbial activity.

Give your crop every advantage possible at plan

Smart Fertility

Better Results From Your Inputs.

Our programs are designed to meet the essential foundational building blocks to successful crop production. We supply the growing crop with an advantageous array of nutrients that others can't match.

We Make Farming Profitable

Increase Yields

Reduce Input Costs

Become profitable again!


Save Time and Money

Our fertilizer products are both affordable and can raise crop production by increasing efficiency and reducing the need for multiple products. We make farming profitable again!

Nature Friendly

CleanGreen brand products are engineered using state of the art formulations designed to safely maximize plant health and yield. We believe you deserve the very best!

Specialized Surfactants

Outstanding surfactants: SURTEC and I.F.C. are available to maximize the effectiveness of the prodcuts applied. I.F.C. is now OMRI certified for organic growers!


Complete Crop Programs

We have put together complete crop programs that list the best time to apply our products for optimal yield increases. We can also build custom crop applications to suit your needs.

Yield Busting Improvements

CleanGreen brand products represent the very best in crop fertility.

When you use the best you grow the best!

CleanGreen Fertility Benefits!

  • Our products provide the fundamental building blocks to plant growth.
  • Everything from carbon, calcium, humic to the most minute trace mineral – we’ve got you covered!
  • All of our products supply above average levels of available nutrients – no wasted fillers here!
  • Our products represent tremendous bang-for-the-buck performance unmatched by any other competitor on the market.
  • Our company has extensive experience and knowledge that we can pass on to you.
  • All of our products are tried and true with countless trials and documented studies that solidify our ability to grow high quality crops.
  • The bottom line is we grow the best crops bar none.

Striving for Excellence

Bioneat Ag has been hard at work helping farmers across the country and worldwide grow the very best crops year after year. Our team of specialized agronomists are available now to put your farm production into high gear. Call us today to learn how you can be among the growing number of farmers realizing their full potential.

Our business philosophy has always been to maintain personable business relationships with our customers. We want our customers experience with Bioneat Ag to be more than just an invoice logged somewhere and an excellent crop grown. We want our customers expectations to not only be met, but exceeded and for them to return with renewed optimism that farming can be both enjoyable and profitable again!

Call us today at 1 (800) 749-2466 or click the button to learn more about us!

What our customers are saying

Soybeans: 28% increase over control – $330 / acre increase profit

Kansas Trials

1 Application brought 17 bushel increase over control

Wheat Trial

Colorado State University

“2 passes of C4, no pesticide or fungicide and we have no fungus or pest pressure. The best looking soybeans I have had.”

Farmer SD

1 Application brought 12.2 bushel increase over control

Yuma, Colorado Soybeans

Two applications of Bioneat Ag products and I am looking at 275 bushels / acre dryland corn.

Minnesota Farmer

Our Company

We specialize in complete micronutrient packages and organic surfactants that meet the needs of all major commercial crops. Our products focus on making both the plant and the soil healthy through proper, targeted nutrition. This helps to lower and even eliminate the need for harmful chemical inputs. More farmers are seeing the benefits of working with Nature and going “Green” versus using conventional chemical production practices.

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