The best all-in-one spray treatment – bar none.

Mix with all of your spray products for simple and smooth spray application.

Chemical spraying requires surfactants, Anti-foaming agent, Penetrator, Stickers, Buffers and more to try and get better availability and control the process. SUR-TEC DOES IT ALL.

All-in-one SUR-TEC makes tank mixes with herbicides and pesticides easy and makes them super effective, in raising chemical efficiency by up to 100%. It is biodegradable and inexpensive to use.

All of these functions are combined into ONE EASY TO USE formula. You no longer need to buy and stock multiple products. You save time and money and you use less chemicals and get better results.


“All In One” Keep It Simple

Enzyme Crop Protector
Anionic Surfactant
Concentrated Liquid Ammonium Sulfate
Anti-foaming Agent
Plant Penetrator
Water Softener
Plant Sticker
pH Buffer

So Easy – So Affordable

1 Gallon of SUR-TEC will treat 800-1,000 gallons of water for spray mix
Rain Fast in 30 minutes
Less than 10 cents per treated gallon
reduces foaming in the tank
reduces particle drift
improves efficiency rates

How to Use SUR-TEC

When mixing any solution that works better in a lower pH environment (check chemical label), pre-mix SUR-TEC at an approximate rate of 1 gallon to 800-1000 gallons of water and then mix in the chemicals. This protects chemical solutions from alkaline hydrolysis (product degradation) and increases their efficiency. No additional surfactants, stickers, spreaders, penetrants, etc. are needed.

Note: Always follow mixing guidelines on chemical labels.

Our Company

We specialize in complete micronutrient packages and organic surfactants that meet the needs of all major commercial crops. Our products focus on making both the plant and the soil healthy through proper, targeted nutrition. This helps to lower and even eliminate the need for harmful chemical inputs. More farmers are seeing the benefits of working with Nature and going “Green” versus using conventional chemical production practices.

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