The sparkle with less hazardous chemicals
To keep our homes sparkling and sweet-smelling, we use a wide variety of soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, scourers, polishes and specialized cleaners for bathrooms, glass, drains and oven.
But while the chemicals in cleaners, bleach and disinfectants make our dishes, bathtubs and countertops gleaming and germ-free, many also contribute to indoor air pollution, are poisonous if ingested and can be harmful if inhaled or touched. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home. In the year 2000, cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers, accounting for 206,636 calls. Of these, 120,434 exposures involved children under six, who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home.

Toxic ingredients in commercial cleaning products can cause acute or immediate hazards such as: skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes or chemical burns, while others are associated with chronic or long-term-effects.

Bioneat Household Products

Bioneat products have industrial-strength cleaning power, yet are all natural, less toxic and contain biodegradable surfactants. Very few products can say that! If you are not sure if your product is toxic or harmful, be sure to check the label for warning statements.


  • Multi Surface Household Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner

Bioneat products

  • Contains biodegradable surfactants
  • Less toxic
  • Contains less hazardous chemicals
  • Industrial strength
  • Multi-purpose cleaner



  • Protect your children and yourself from harsh chemicals
  • Protect indoor air quality of your home or business
  • It’s safer for people, animals, and the environment