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The sun is very bright on these pictures, but I wanted to share the results right away! Below is a dirty boat fender that has been deflated before being stored away. I wanted to wash it first so decided to try the Bio Neat and wow, look at the amazing results with no scrubbing at all- I just spray it on and wiped it off!!

Captain Andy Sherman Testimonials

This is a hose on a yacht of which is extremely difficult to keep clean- after spraying with BioNeat and then wiping after a few seconds the grime and grit disappear leaving a clean finish that makes hose and shore power cords look brand new!! Thanks Bioneat!!
Captain Andy Sherman Testimonials

Captain Andy Sherman Testimonials

Bioneat products

All Bioneat products are made with and natural ingredients

  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Industrial Strength
  • Multi-Purpose


  • Protect your children from accidental poisoning
  • Protect yourself from toxins that can harm you, even cancer causing chemicals
  • Protect indoor air quality of your home or business
  • Protect the earth’s environment and water tables